A boy and a girl are not the same, but equal.

This is a inspiring beautiful sentence. 

But how do you turn inspiration into action?


Gender is a social construction established even before babies are born. That is why I created this planet, free from stigmatisation. Unune is a clothing brand that breaks codes and allows children to express themselves freely, "whatever gender".

By respecting differences we find equality, and fashion has an important place in all of that.

Unisex clothes?

Yes, but much more ! Even today, in stores or on ligne, when it comes to children's products, we still find clichés. Things are changing, of course. However, it's still hard to find a t-shirt that comes out of the classic "princesses" or "sparkling" for girls, "superheroes" or "cars" for boys.


Unune wants to help to shape the new generation free from prejudices and in accordance with the each one's place in our society.


  The choices can't be limited to gender!


A free child = A free adult, whatever gender!  

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